Saturday, October 13, 2012


The water laps very gently.
The river courses far into the forest,
Where trees rise over the banks.
Algae completely conceal the depths;
It is a light green and opaque,
Forming a floor one would wish to walk on.
The gondolas stir the aquatic foam,
Leaving a trail of black water.

It is quiet and tranquil.
The willow stands among the forest.
Birds hail the air with music.
Two paths diverging into the deep
Makes me think of that Robert Frost poem.
Vines overlap the open ceiling beams.
A large ant walks on a tendril.
Glossy purple, green and black.

A bridge overlooks a waterfall.
On the other side there are waterlilies in the distance:
Giant green plates, pink flowers.
There are reeds to my right.
A cloud of gnats swirl.
Sun pierces the forest canopy,
And bright color dances in the meadow.
Where do you want to go?

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