Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ode to Creativity

Let your
            Take you away from your usual reality

[The stigmatism makes the trees look shrouded in peacock feathers. The charred wood speaks of beginnings.]

Your dreams
            Can only take you so far

[The orange sun emerges like a city light. It’s a globe of fire, continents of flame. But the People of the Sun are burned by ice.]

Your heart
            Can lead the way,
                        But creativity will guide you

[Many things are held sacred in this world: the voices of the feathered things, the coming of Dawn, the mysteries of the end. Do you see your imaginings among them?]

Your dreams
            Can make you stronger
                        Love will make you wiser

[The fog drips down on the sidewalks. Is this what it feels like to be suspended in a cloud? Your breathththth encapsulated in the pearly white mist?]

As the winter goes,
            Spring will come
                        Will your colors burst free?

[The ocean stretches forever, the first sustenance. You always face the east when you swing, because that is where you came from. Uncertain waves channel the essence of infinity. What would it be like to fall into them?]

Be akin to
                        Watch the wild things

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  1. Wow1 This is just amazing! You're a really good poet! I wish I thought of this.